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Top 10 Vulnerable websites for penetration testers

Hacker has to good knowledge of how Web applications work before he going to find the vulnerabilities in them, He has to be a good knowledge on Linux Operation Systems, Here are the Top 10 Operation Systems used by Ethical hackers. To Practise Web application Penetration testing, Here are some Vulnerable Website, where we can… Read More »

Rate Limit Vulnerability

Rate Limit Vulnerability in web Application. A Rate Limit Algorithm is used to check if the user session has to be limited based on the information in the session cache. In case a client made to many requests within a given timeframe, HTTP-server can response with status code 429: Too Many Requests Let’s try to… Read More »

Html Injection

HTML injection is the vulnerability inside any website that occurs when the user input is not correctly sanitized or the output is not encoded and the attacker is able to inject valid HTML code into a vulnerable web page. There are so many techniques which could use element and attributes to submit HTML content Search for search bar or comment sessions or… Read More »