Phases of Hacking

Phases of hacking : There are mainly 5 stages for hacking Reconnaissance Scanning Gaining  Access Maintaining Access Covering Tracks Reconnaissance:  It is the First step of hacking also called Footprinting, Here we collect as much information as possible about Target. Network Host Server People There are two  types of Reconnaissances: Active Reconnaissance: Here we are… Read More »

What is Hacking | Purpose of hacking |Advantages and DisAdvantages

Hacking is an Art of finding the possible entry points that exist in the server or network and enter into them,  Hacking is done to gain UnAuthorized access to a server or network either to harm the server or to steal sensitive information  available on the server Purpose: Hackers hack the servers or network   Steal/Leak… Read More »

Weak password policy

HY Hunters, Today we will learn an easy vulnerability i.e Weak password policy let’s begin If The website does not have any strong password policy while signup then  the website is vulnerable to Weak Password policy  that’s it let’s see with an example i entered my details in the website , you can see that… Read More »

Mixed Content Vulnerability

Hy Hunters, today we will learn Mixed Content Vulnerability Let’s begin , if any website is loading any content of there site  in HTTP  then there will be  Mixed content vulnerability , by this an attacker can perform Man-In -The-Middle-Attack , lets see with an Example, Right click and click on Inspect  and  then click on Console … Read More »

forced https to http vulnerability

  HY Hunters, Today we will learn Forced HTTPS to HTTP vulnerability, let’s make it simple, let’s change HTTPS TO HTTP protocol in the url, Reload the website, if the website loads with HTTP protocol rather than https then there will be a Forced HTTPS to HTTP  vulnerability. let’s try with an example,     I had… Read More »